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We provide services in areas such as plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, hair transplantation, oral and dental health with the latest technological devices and equipment.

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Mouth and dental health; It closely concerns and affects human health in many  issues, especially the digestive system. In terms of aesthetics, it is obvious how impressive and memorable a beautiful smile is. It is known that individuals who are dissatisfied with the shape or color of their teeth avoid laughing and prefer to open their mouths as little as possible even when talking. This can lead to loss of self-confidence and major problems in social life.  Medexa Plus  offers the guarantee of a healthy and aesthetic smile in line with the superior opportunities it has in the field of oral and dental health and the quality service it provides.

Treatments such as cleaning and whitening of teeth, correction of existing distortions and gaps, repair of missing teeth are some of  the most frequently performed procedures in the field of dental aesthetics. Medexa Plus aims to make your smile a reason to smile.

Along with the smile design, it is possible to have a much more attractive and aesthetic appearance by designing a smile suitable for the face of the person. Invisalign, known as wire-free orthodontic treatment, provides the opportunity to correct existing distortions without the use of braces, thanks to transparent plaques that are suitable and specially produced for the teeth of the person. With the laminated tooth veneer method, symmetrical, aesthetic and white teeth can be obtained. Thanks to high-quality dental implants with FDA approval, tooth loss can be eliminated.



Hair is the most favorite natural accessory of all individuals. Hair, which has an aesthetically complementary quality to someone’s appearance, can even cause psychological problems in case of its deficiency. A large part of hair loss, which is especially common in men, is genetically caused. The spills seen in the elders of the family are also reflected to the present day. On the other hand, factors such as environmental conditions, aging, stress and lifestyle can also cause hair loss. Medexa Plus permanently treats hair loss with its state-of-the-art devices and equipment, in line with completely personalized diagnosis and planning.

Hair loss problem, which is more common in men, can also be seen in women. This can be quite annoying for women who care much more about their appearance than men in general. Medexa Plus; With Fue, Sapphire Fue, DHI and many more hair transplantation methods, it aims to provide all individuals with natural hair that looks flawless. Transplantation can be performed in the same way for other parts of the face such as beard, mustache and eyebrows.



Facial beauty; It is the harmony of the organs on the face with each other. The chin tip, which is not in harmony with a symmetrical nose, will not only provide an aesthetically unpleasing appearance, and will also shade the beauty of the nose. The face, which is the region that people attach the most importance to, acts as a biological identity during communication. In this respect, facial aesthetics is one of the most preferred aesthetic interventions in recent years. Medexa Plus, desires the discovery of the beauty hidden in the details with the facial aesthetic applications it provides.

With the facelift surgery, sagging and wrinkles on the face due to aging can be eliminated, and the person can be given a much younger and more dynamic appearance. Neck lift surgery is preferred for the treatment of wrinkles and excess skin, which are the effects of aging and sudden weight loss.  Face; It is a region where all feelings and thoughts are transmitted directly to the other party. Having a tired appearance will make a person look older than they are. Thanks to forehead lift and eyebrow lifting operations, low eyebrows can be lifted and deep forehead lines can be eliminated. This will make the person have a much more energetic appearance and impressive look.

Medexa Plus; With the botox, filler and laser processes that it provides, to the face, neck and decollete areas aesthetically aims to be not close to perfect but perfect.

A lip that is compatible with the face makes the person more aesthetically beautiful and attractive. Lip aesthetics is designed as thin or thick according to the face shape. Otoplasty, also known as prominent ear surgery, provides removal of the unusual appearance of the ears that started from childhood.



The nose, located in the center of the face, is the organ that draws the most attention in the first eye contact. It has an undeniable aesthetic importance and is one of the milestones of the respiratory system. For this reason, it directly affects the quality of life. Congenital or acquired deformities in the nose cause both aesthetic and functional problems. These problems can be reflected in the social life and psychology of the people over time and cause destructive effects. Medexa Plus;  aims to bring the nose to the best possible condition in terms of both functional and aesthetics.

Being satisfied with oneself and being liked are among the impulses that all individuals care about, regardless of male or female. A symmetrical nose compatible with the face; It provides a more beautiful and attractive appearance from an aesthetic point of view. In addition, functionally healthy breathing; it has a great importance for enough oxygenation of the body and quality sleep, and therefore for a healthy life. Today, rhinoplasty, which is one of the most preferred surgeries; It makes it possible to eliminate deformities in the nose and to eliminate various functional and aesthetic problems.

Medexa Plus cares and evaluates functionality as much as visuality. With this approach, it focuses on ensuring that its clients get the most benefit from all operations.



As a result of processes such as weight gain, loss, aging or breastfeeding, deformities may occur in the breast tissue. Over time, the breast deforms, sags and loses its tight form. However, it is possible to have breast forms that are too large or too small from birth. All these situations cause some individuals to be dissatisfied with their physical appearance, and then to psychological problems caused by damaged self-confidence. Medexa Plus considers the personal preferences of individuals as a criteria while reshaping the breast appearance. Medexa Plus focuses on providing them with medical solutions that will provide the highest benefit in line with their wishes.

It is possible to enlarge, reduce, lift and remove asymmetries with breast aesthetic operations. With breast repair surgeries, after breast cancer treatments, it is aimed to make the removed breast tissue as close to its old form visually. In gynecomastia surgery performed for male individuals, it is aimed to regulate and reduce the appearance of female type breasts that can be caused by many reasons, especially hormonal problems, and bring them to the required size.



Body deformations can occur for various reasons such as excessive weight gain and loss, postpartum and some genetic predispositions related to skin quality. These deformations negatively affect the health and quality of life of the person. Body aesthetic surgeries are a treatment protocol applied to correct deformations such as skin sagging and volume losses due to various reasons. Medexa Plus aims to evaluate your body as a whole and to offer the right treatment protocol, tailored to the individual and their needs, necessary for it to reach its best state.

Abdominoplasty, also called tummy tuck; It is an aesthetic operation preferred by those who gain and lose weight frequently, or those who experience excess skin in the abdominal region, which is seen in women after birth. Arm and leg stretching surgery is a procedure in which sagging in the arm and leg areas that occur due to aging is eliminated and a much younger appearance is gained. Liposuction is the most preferred procedure in the field of body aesthetics. It is the process of removing excess fat from the abdomen, waist, legs, hips, back, arms and neck areas. The goal is not to lose weight; but to fix the regional deformities.

In Medexa Plus, the rightful self-confidence provided by a beautiful body is reflected both in your posture and your smile. The process of injecting the fat tissue taken from the person into his own body after undergoing some procedures is called fat injection. This procedure is applied to larger areas such as the face, chest or buttocks. It is ensured that the face area gains shine, wrinkles are removed, the lips are thickened and the cheekbones are shaped. Butt lift surgery, known as Brasilian Butt Lift, aims for individuals to have a more upright and rounded butt line.

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About Us




Medexa Plus; Within the scope of health tourism, it acts as an intermediary to meet all your medical needs with its contracted institutions and collaborations for the treatments that you will perform in Turkey.

In a world where digital transformation never stops, Medexa Plus aims to lead digital transformations in the field of health.  It allows you to receive health services whenever and wherever you want. In this context, individuals who communicate via the internet, phone, e-mail, or mobile application can have free meetings with specialist physicians. Thus, it allows for clients to have direct contact with the experts, and treatment process to proceed in a much healthier way.

Medexa Plus plans the journeys of its guests from their location to Istanbul and never compromises on comfort. Flight, accommodation and private transportation between hospital and hotel are arranged. The doctor will accompany you from the first examination to the last stage of the treatment process. The team responsible for transportation and guest relations, who will accompany you throughout your visit, will allow you to combine the treatment process with a wonderful holiday while visiting the historical and cultural places of Istanbul, which is known as a tourism paradise, and collecting unforgettable memories.

These programs, which we have developed within the scope of the Health Management System, apply the most effective natural cures with utmost success, without ignoring the latest developments in modern medicine. In this system, the combination of the most suitable multi-methods that your body needs and under the supervision of experts significantly increases the positive effect achieved on an individual basis.

Medexa Plus healing and rejuvenation programs are geared towards enjoying life and vitality, whatever the stage we are in. Our goal is not only to prevent and reverse premature aging after diagnosing its causes, but also to stimulate natural processes and metabolic systems and restructure your body as a whole.


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Our basic principle; restructuring your immune system and simultaneously your whole body with natural cures, which will give the real struggle for healing/rejuvenation.


It is no longer a dream to restructure your body, to regain its inherent self-renewal and healing abilities, to rejuvenate, to have a long and healthy life with successfully implemented programs.


Young, Beautiful, Live Long.


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It is no longer a dream to restructure your body, to regain its natural self-renewal and healing abilities, to rejuvenate, to have a long and healthy life at the same time.


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