Dental Aesthetics and Smile Design

Dental Aesthetics and Smile Design are among the most preferred dental treatments in recent times. Especially the problems that develop due to tooth loss and tooth disorders can negatively affect both the health and psychology of the patients.

There are many diseases that develop due to caries formation. Tooth loss, in particular, is one of the biggest reasons for irregular alignment of teeth.

These irregularities, which develop due to tooth loss, cause aesthetic problems as well as affect the social lives of individuals in a negative way.

It is also known that people who have dental anomalies or missing teeth are shy about laughing due to low self-esteem.

Now, the technology allows us to solve any dental anomaly and provide people with a beautiful smile via smile design.

How Dental Aesthetics and Smile Design Work?

Patients generally want to have an aesthetically flawless appearance in dental treatments. Therefore, a smile design specific for each patient will be determined in dental aesthetics. The patient’s facial features, gender, age and expectations are taken into account when we treat the patient..

First, we will treat cavities and tooth decay, if there are any, then we will begin with the treatment of gums. Dental aesthetics should not be performed before treating problems such as inflammation, gingival recession or bleeding.

Dental aesthetics will be performed after the necessary treatments are completed. The missing teeth are replaced through procedures such as dental prosthesis or implants, and then teeth whitening is applied.

Porcelain laminate veneers and zirconium veneers are often preferred for dental aesthetics and smile design. We make sure that the dental design aligns with the patient’s other facial features and that we have achieved a natural look.

What Is A Smile Design?

When we speak about aesthetic dentistry, the first thing that comes to mind is the smile design. Smile design is a method applied for the treatment of teeth that does not look good in terms of dental aesthetics.

One of the most preferred methods for the treatment of crooked teeth and gums, smile design is one of the most effective procedures that boosts the patient’s self-esteem.

Smile design is not actually a stand-alone procedure. Stringing together many different procedures and treatment methods, smile design is performed by professional dentists.

How Smile Design Works?

The aesthetic expectations of the person will be prioritized when designing the smile. In addition to this, determining the treatments for the teeth is also among the priorities of the dentist.

Necessary dental measurements are made with the help of a special software and detailed photographs of the patient’s mouth and facial features. The smile design that best fits with the facial features will be formed, and a list of necessary treatments is prepared for this.

If there is no need for any orthodontic treatment after the dental planning, firstly, the uneven gums are treated. Then, missing teeth are replaced with dental implants, and necessary treatments are performed.

However, the treatment process required to complete the dental design and smile aesthetics requested by the patient may vary from person to person.

The treated area has a certain healing process after a surgical operation. This healing process may vary according to the procedures that each patient undergoes. We have to wait until the healing process is completed in order to begin with aesthetic smile procedure.

After the smile design, teeth whitening can also be performed, if necessary.

In general, porcelain laminate veneers are often preferred for smile aesthetics.

What Are The Types of Custom Smiles?

Dental aesthetics provide a customized smile design. The types of smiles that are generally used and preferred are:

Attractive Smile

Attractive smile usually brings the front teeth to the fore. This change makes you more attractive and youthful when you smile.

Sporty Smile

A sporty smile is created by reshaping the central incisors to be longer than the lateral incisors aligning next to them.

Smart Smile

We ensure that the teeth are aligned when we make this smile design. The patient has a more mature smile with this smile design.

The Benefits of Dental Aesthetics and Smile Design

  • Ensures that teeth are whiter.
  • The colors of the teeth are clearer.
  • A more natural look is achieved. In addition, since it is custom designed for the person, the teeth align with the facial features and chin.
  • Beautiful and shining teeth.
  • A healthy smile that aligns with the facial features.
  • Missing tooth and fractures in the teeth are corrected.
  • The dental anomalies are treated and a smoother smile is achieved.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

You can extend the life of your teeth with regular dental check-ups and dental care. In addition, this perfect smile will last a lifetime. However, you should have your oral care regularly and not delay the required controls.


Smile design is where dentistry meets art. This is the treatment method where appearance of the teeth is improved and a customized smile is designed.

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