Otoplasty is the term used to describe the surgical correction of prominent ears and it is one of the most preferred cosmetic operations.

The unusual appearance of the ears, which begins in childhood, may create a psychological problem with adolescence.

Although women can hide this unusual image with their hair, this is a visible problem for men.

Apart from these, deformaties caused by accidents and injuries can also be corrected with otoplasty.

How Otoplasty Works?

Otoplasty is a procedure that is performed under anesthesia, and takes about 1or 2 hours.

The doctor might operate on the front or back of the ears, based on what kind of correction is needed. Thanks to the correction made with cartilage tissue, the patient will have ears in the shape he/she wants.

Who Can Have An Otoplasty?

Recommended to be performed in childhood, the ideal age for this surgery is after age 5, when the ears reach their full size.

Otoplasty can be easily performed under local anesthesia at any time during and after adolescence.


There is no age limit. It is recommended to be performed in childhood, after age 5, when the ears reach their full size.

There won't be any trace of the procedure.

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